One Down

So it’s like they say about a bicycle in some ways. Other ways…well, not so much. First show at Bistro Bethem went well. Exceptional? Hardly. There are moments on a stage when experience counts most, and we needed it. Eve was a trouper. She had some otherworldly ability to evacuate that lingering cold long enough to rock the rafters but would lean into my ear with a raspy, congested whisper to share a momentary idea or observation about the crowd during this song or that.

Night before the Bistro, we were doing a little set at the Colonial Tavern’s Open Mic, just trying to get more reps on these couple dozen songs we’ve been hammering for six weeks. We’ve been cramming. A lot to remember in a hurry, and mistake after mistake. It starts to work on you a little. Has it been too long? What was I thinking? What’s that line I just missed while I’m trying to think of the next line that’s coming?

Anyway, we were midway of the second song when an old ghost reappeared – Marissa says she might have seen it cross my face. From some rusty, cluttered corner of my somewhat overloaded brain, a little light came on – flick – and I thought: I got this.

See you back at Bistro on May 17. So many thanks to Ellie (coffee?) and Tiffani and Matt and Jesse.

Sounding great! #theadaptations

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