The Burn

imageSo it’s about two months. Eve’s at the beach, and I’ve been in Georgia, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Tennessee, Minnesota, and Wisconsin the past few weeks on business travel. More than a few hours camped out at airports. When I was on the road in the 1990s, we called it “the burn.” And it’s certainly been that this summer.

Eve and I have written some songs together the past few weeks. Parts of others. We’ve added a couple covers. The wonders of technology. Doing some P.R. to gin up a residency gig somewhere in the area. Nothing so far, but we are completely thrilled that Bistro came calling about booking us for restaurant week. Monday and Tuesday rehearsals, and then…

Here we go again. It’s all happening. Catch us next Tuesday if you can.



    • Carole, it is always good hearing from you. I hope all is well and that we see you sometime soon. Thanks so much for your good wishes and thoughtful responses.


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