A Not-So-Country Girl


Driving over the canyons of Southern California in our vintage 1972 powder blue Mercedes-Benz, I would lean forward from the backseat and beg my mom to play anything but country. And yet, as she sang along to Bonnie Raitt or The Judds, I secretly fantasized about the irony of one day becoming a country singer. I imagined how my mom and I would look back on those winding drives and say something like, “little did we know…” So needless to say, with each country song we add to our set list I cannot help but smile.

Two years ago if you asked me where Fredericksburg was on a map I couldn’t have told you. I’m still finding my feet here. But each time we step on stage I feel the pulse of this community; faces grow familiar and this town starts to feel more like home. I am grateful to make music here. So, thank you for listening, for nodding your heads and smiling, for tapping your feet and swaying your shoulders, and making us feel welcome.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming gigs for some seriously soulful rockin’ rowdy funky folky bluesy countrified acoustic music:

Saturday, August 13th, at Spencer Devon from 8-11PM

Thursday, September 1st, at Vivify (rooftop) from 7-10PM

Tuesday, October 11th, at Bistro Bethem from 8-11PM

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