Corner stage

Sunday morning has just turned into Sunday afternoon and just like that the weekend is nearly done. Yesterday was a quiet day for Doug and me, feeling pretty good about how the show went Friday night. Eve sounded amazing, Ramona was loud and lively, and Doug was holding his own and sounding pretty good himself. Yes, I realize I’m pretty biased. And in case you’re wondering, Ramona’s the guitar, a beautiful Gibson Hummingbird. Even as I write this Doug is out on the front porch spending some quality time with her. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

I was trying to come up with an entry for a photo challenge that I participate in fairly regularly on my personal blog when I came across this picture.

Corner stage

I took this picture at the beginning of an Open Mic night earlier this year. It’s Thom and Kathy standing on the corner stage at the Colonial Tavern, kicking things off. The Tavern is located on a busy corner in downtown Fredericksburg and every week Thom and Kathy host artists of all ages and talent levels, giving them a forum on which they can pursue their musical aspirations, even if it’s just for a little while on a Monday night. This is where Doug and Eve met, where The Adaptations got started. Rather than sharing this on the Front Porch blog, I think this photo challenge entry belongs right here.


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