Something More

‘Tis the season. Not sure about you, but I’m never very cheerful this time of year. There’s not much I like about the holidays. My outlook always improves when December slips out of town.

I’m pretty sure mental health professionals would say that pursuing what makes us happy is likely to put us in the company of like-minded people. Community. That’s how The Adaptations began at the Colonial Tavern two years ago. Thom Schiff and Kathy Douberly have for years nurtured such a comfortable, welcoming environment there on Monday Open Mic nights. It’s not so easy to be as dedicated as they are to that endeavor. And thank goodness the venue supports and encourages live music and continues to make so much floor space available for a stage instead of adding more tables. We are all grateful for the example of community that originates with Thom and Kathy and the Colonial Tavern.

Steve Seib

Speaking of community –

The Adaptations are evolving. On that stage at the Tavern, we got to know Steve Seib, a really laid-back guitar player, singer, bassist, and all-around nice guy who also plays piano, drums, mandolin, and last night we were listening to something with a banjo (couldn’t help but wonder where that might lead). Steve will play bass most of the time, although given his numerous talents there is so much room to try out something more. We will obviously continue to build the band around Eve’s astounding voice – no change there – but starting tomorrow night you’ll hear things open up a little as we start working Steve into the set. When we’re able to find the right drummer, that’ll be the next adaptation. Eve and I had visions of doing this from day one, and away we go!

Phil Mountjoy

Another old friend, Phillip Mountjoy, will join us on electric guitar tomorrow night. He is easily the most quick-witted guy and one of the finer “touch” players I’ve known.

Be kind. Even when you aren’t sure what it’s going to cost.

All good wishes from Eve, Marissa, Steve, and me for the coming year.


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