The Adaptations

Acoustic duo in Fredericksburg, VA

Eve Kagan and Douglas Ebert, veteran performers with backgrounds as different as one coast is from the other, crossed paths at the Colonial Tavern on Open Mic night about two years ago. Since then, they’ve cycled through dozens of titles, always looking for a different take, frequently turning standards into duets, and stitching together songs from all genres and generations while constantly tinkering with a set list loosely centered in the 1990s.

“The day will simply not arise when we say, ‘OK, we’ve got enough; we’re all set.’ We are always searching, stretching, expanding what may be possible musically,” Kagan says. A trained actress, she comes from a Hollywood family and has played parts in several films, along with countless theater roles in productions literally all over the world.

“Early on, we worked on a couple originals,” Ebert remembers, “and we worked well together, but it was always our plan to do covers and give them a little bit of a twist. That was the basis for calling ourselves The Adaptations.” Ebert recorded and toured in the 1990s as half of a Fredericksburg-area acoustic duo known as Not by Chance. These days, he’s working on a long-dormant recording project of his own and spends his days at Kaeser Compressors.

While balancing the competing daily priorities of family, work, and continuing her graduate education, Kagan still occasionally finds time to get back to acting. She plays a supporting role in the new film Shot, which opened in a limited release on Friday, September 22.